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Since wolf dogs are nothing like normal dogs we require a completed application from anyone interested in one of our puppies. We do not sale to illegal states, please don't ask.


Puppy Application Follows...


First name :

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City/State :

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Number of Chidren and Ages :

Living Situation (House with yard, Apartment) :

Previous Wolf Dog Experience (Please include Pictures) :

Not all Wolf Dogs can be made into house pets, as the damage they can cause is comparable to that of termites if not managed properly. Wolf dogs dig dens, climb chain link, and can not be kept on a chain or a run. Anyone interested in a pup will need tall fencing, dig guards, or an enclosure, even if they hope to keep their new pup as an inside dog.

Send all pictures and a phone number to be contacted at to HowlingPuppiesCA@Gmail.com

We only respond to completed applications.





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