At HowlingPuppiesCA we pride ourselves in years of experience working with wolves and wolf dogs of all ranges in content and temperament. We have spent countless hours working to re-home and rehabilitate rescues along with endless hours playing fetch and giving belly rubs.

All our animals are hand selected with an ideal combination of looks and temperament to complement their mates. We do this to guarantee not only will our puppies have a very wolfy appearance but they will also have a very manageable temperament to go along with them.

Our puppies are only born once a year in the spring time, they are born in dens and pulled at 10 days old and bottle fed and kept inside to ensure a lovable temperament and that bonding with their future family will take.

We do not sale to illegal states or ship puppies. We have an extensive puppy application that must be completed before any home will be considered.

We are located in Central California and our goal is to make sure all our animals go to homes with families that will love and cherish them, that are prepared for their new companion and ready to keep them and care for them for the rest of their lives. Wolf dogs / hybrids aren't pets they are family.

We are proud to announce that one of our pups from our 2013 litter has taken First place in best coat, Third in Wolfiest and Third in most well trained. Much love to him and his caring owners! Click his picture below to view his instagram. Feel free to friend us on Facebook and Instagram as well below!

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